About Us

About HiLo Commercial Services

HiLo Commercial Services is a massive team of people with years of experience in the cleaning industry. We are passionate about what we do, in love with what we do, and sincerely believe that by offering our services, we make their lives easier and better and their business more efficient and successful.

We have the most experienced team which means we can complete your job in few hours without causing any damage.

HiLo Commercial Services is currently the market leader in the USA. It inspires us to new victories, to grow and maintain our image. But the peculiarity of the employees of our company is that they never rest on their laurels. The market is growing and developing; customer service requires more non-standard and individual approaches. Therefore, we always keep up with the times, our client, and his needs.

Why Are We Your Perfect Match?

Experienced team ready to clean your commercial facilities


Our team is the value of our company and its foundation, thanks to which HiLo successfully fulfills all its goals


We are fully responsible for the quality of the services we provide and compliance with all agreements

Affordable price

We strive to bring the best services for an affordable price. We offer different financing options for your wallet


Here at HiLo we value your time. Our team is ready to clean everything fast, not taking too much time from your business

Adding the WOW factor

We will make sure that your clients stop and say ‘WOW’ as soon as they enter your door

Professionals Who Know a Lot About Cleanliness

Our team is well trained, motivated, and knows how to give the best services in the cleaning industry. We understand what it takes to make your premise or project look clean, fresh, and exceptional.

Our Vision

We aim to deliver the most professional cleaning service in Tennessee by delivering consistent and reliable, high-quality cleaning services to our clients.

Most innovative cleaning company in Tennessee

Safety First! We work in compliance with OSHA rules and use antiallergic products during cleaning. The staff knows the rules for operating electrical equipment, cleaning machines, safety precautions for cleaning at height and using cleaners and detergents with chemical components.

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide the best cleaning standards. HiLo has vast experience in cleaning services and understands what it takes to provide quality professional services. Using individual cleaning schedules tailored to the needs of each property, we work with the utmost discretion and prudence to ensure that our clients meet the highest standards.

And every day, we strive to improve our business processes to provide the most effective and working solutions to improve our customers' business processes.

Our Professional Team

Our experienced employees are really care to give you the best services available on the market.

Matt Dabney

Chief Operating Officer

Meet Our Leadership

We are a family-owned, environmentally friendly, commercial cleaning company offering a range of commercial cleaning and facilities management services across USA

We serve 8 states!

Our story starts in Tennessee, the birthplace of our founder, Matt Dabney.

He started our commercial cleaning company because he wanted to give a reliable, professional cleaning service in the area. We had all worked in the cleaning industry before and had seen firsthand how often businesses were disappointed with the level of service they received, but he knew that we could do better. In order to stand out from the competition, Matt made sure to put together a team of highly trained and experienced cleaners.

HiLo Commercial Services also invested in top-of-the-line equipment and supplies. Our goal is to provide our clients with a clean space that would reflect positively on their business. We are proud to say that we have succeeded in doing just that.

Our company has grown steadily over the years, and we now serve clients all over Tennessee and more than 8 states! We are grateful to have found such success and are always looking for ways to improve our services.

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We operate in more than 5 state including Tennessee, Arkansas, Alabama, Georgia and more! HiLo Commercial Services care for the places and spaces that mean the most to our clients! Contact us to get an instant quote.

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