Manufacturing and industrial facilities

Manufacturing And Industrial Facilities cleaning services in Tennessee

Maintaining cleanliness in manufacturing and industrial facilities of enterprises is a task that requires a unique approach. High-quality cleaning of industrial premises must be efficient and thorough because the dirt accumulated on parts and mechanisms can lead to equipment breakdown and corresponding additional costs.

Among the additional services that are included in industrial cleaning from HiLo:

  • cleaning of complex equipment and communications from dust and dirt (ventilation and heating systems, water supply, sewerage, air conditioners, etc.);
  • disinfection of refrigeration units;
  • cleaning in rooms with special equipment (boiler rooms, boiler rooms, panel rooms, etc.);
  • disinfection measures aimed at preventing the spread of infection (disinfection, disinsection, derivatization);
  • cleaning of the adjacent territory and green area, including footpaths and parking lots;
  • removal of garbage, dry leaves, and snow (depending on the season);
  • polishing granite floors;

Such cleaning activities as cleaning industrial premises can be not only regular but also emergency. For example, if it is necessary to urgently carry out general cleaning and waste disposal after construction and repair procedures.

Why is it profitable for you to order the cleaning of industrial premises from the HiLo company?

  • in the staff, there are technologists of the company, the world leader in the production and sale of professional detergents and disinfectants, who select chemistry, taking into account the characteristics of the enterprise;
  • we use certified professional means for cleaning industrial premises;
  • cleaning of industrial premises is carried out using professional cleaning equipment;
  • we adhere to work experience, using high standards of cleaning;
  • we work throughout the state of Tennessee and surrounding states;
  • Before starting cooperation with the company, we conduct a visual inspection and audit of the premises to assess the scope of work, agree on the details of the technical task and solve organizational issues on the ground to simplify the process and ensure high standards of quality and cleaning results.
  • High-quality fulfillment of obligations, experienced staff, availability of special equipment for cleaners, and individual approach to solving tasks are the company’s main advantages.

Vast areas, the continuity of individual production processes, and the constant accumulation of dust, air, and surface pollution must be considered when organizing industrial cleaning. It is possible to make it efficient and of high quality with the help of a competent organization of the process, the involvement of highly qualified employees and modern equipment, and the use of extraordinary detergent compositions. Our company will clean up manufacturing and industrial facilities quickly and efficiently.

Some industrial facilities require the round-the-clock operation of equipment and personnel, which makes it challenging to organize prompt cleaning of factories, factories, shops, etc. There is also equipment that is sensitive to dust and dirt, so quick and accurate cleaning is necessary. To solve such tasks, HiLo Commercial Services provides specialists who have undergone training, understand the peculiarities of production processes, and know which tools to use and which technique to use when cleaning industrial premises.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does office cleaning cost?

The cost of cleaning by HiLo Commercial Services specialists depends on its frequency and the area of premises in the customer's buildings.

Composition and frequency of cleaning of industrial premises.

By agreement with the customer, daily cleaning of industrial premises can be done at the beginning or end of the working day.

What products do you use while cleaning?

When cleaning, our cleaners use only modern eco-chemistry - high-quality environmental cleaners that have been tested.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept non-cash and cash payment methods.

States We Have Serviced So Far

Alabama (AL), Arkansas (AR), Georgia (GA), Kentucky (KY), North Carolina (NC), Mississippi (MS), Missouri (MO), Virginia (VA), South Carolina (SC), Tennessee (TN), Texas (TX)