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Food and beverage manufacturers cleaning services in Tennessee

The safety of manufactured products is the primary condition for the operation of any food production. The requirements for sanitation standards are getting tougher yearly, as are the technical conditions checks. Untimely or poor-quality cleaning in food production will necessarily affect the taste of products and can have far-reaching consequences, up to a ban on activities. Such businesses should be aware of their responsibility for consumers’ health and take cleanliness seriously.

Therefore, cleaning in food production is an essential component of success. But organizing cleaning at a large enterprise is not an accessible and costly business. It is necessary to choose the proper detergents and disinfectants for a specific type of production, draw up a cleaning schedule for each workshop and prevent employees from neglecting cleanliness.

Businesses that produce food need regular, gentle cleaning with safe products. These are the services provided by HiLo Commercial Services. The production cleaning service employees are ready to fulfill all the requirements and desires of customers.

What Is Included In Retail Cleaning Services?

All employees have medical books and undergo regular additional examinations. Features of cleaning food production:

  1. Daily washing of food enterprises consists not only of cleaning the floor covering but also a thorough cleaning of all work surfaces. Garbage is also removed promptly, and pollution, including specific ones, is removed.
  2. Thorough dust removal is necessary for complex cleaning of food production premises. We use only guaranteed safe detergents and cleaners.
  3. In general, complex cleaning of food production premises involves several activities that are closely interconnected. Hilo Commercial Services employees have all the skills and sufficient experience in this area of ​​​​service provision.

All our specialists have sanitary books. Cleaning on the premises and the adjacent enterprise territory is carried out in a medical uniform, in compliance with pure rules and safety requirements.


Benefits of HiLo cleaning in food production:

  1. We carry out all types of work: from regular current cleaning to general. We will wash the facade and glazing and clean the territory.
  2. All types of cleaning involve thoroughly washing all surfaces, removing dust and stubborn dirt, and disinfection.
  3. Due to the large volume of work performed, we keep affordable prices for services. Preliminary calculations are made promptly, and the list and schedule of work are agreed upon with the customer.
  4. Employees work quickly, clearly, and harmoniously.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does cleaning cost?

The cost of cleaning by HiLo Commercial Services specialists depends on its frequency and the area of premises in the food and beverage manufacturers.

Composition and frequency of cleaning of food and beverage manufacturers.

By agreement with the customer, daily cleaning of industrial premises can be done at the beginning or end of the working day.

What products do you use while cleaning?

When cleaning, our cleaners use only modern, high-quality environmental cleaners that have been tested.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept non-cash and cash payment methods.

States We Have Serviced So Far

Alabama (AL), Arkansas (AR), Georgia (GA), Kentucky (KY), North Carolina (NC), Mississippi (MS), Missouri (MO), Virginia (VA), South Carolina (SC), Tennessee (TN), Texas (TX)