Post Construction Cleaning

Post Construction cleaning in Tennessee

The HiLo Commercial Services offers cleaning of premises after renovation and construction.

Everyone knows that post-construction cleaning is a long and time-consuming process, especially if it is a capital repair, including replacing windows, doors, plumbing, and pipes. And even when the renovation is finally over, mountains of garbage, construction waste, dust, and dirt remain behind it. Cleaning all this will take a lot of time and effort.

Cleaning the premises after the construction work is the final but also critical stage of the repair. After all, to give a neat look, you must remove all excess traces of paint, whitewash and putty, glue, dust, and garbage. You will have to clean all surfaces in the room, and at the same time, do it carefully so as not to damage them. It will require special detergents, knowledge of their use, and special equipment.

For this reason, it is wise to entrust cleaning after repairs to professionals who will do it quickly, efficiently, and qualitatively.

Cleaning after repairs is one of the most challenging types of cleaning. HiLo Commercial Services employees undergo periodic certification, listen to pieces of training, and have enough experience to finish any post-renovation cleanup brilliantly! That is why the professionalism of employees is the main criterion for providing quality cleaning services.

Types of premises to be cleaned:

HiLo Commercial Services performs cleaning of commercial and industrial real estate of any complexity.
The main types of premises to be cleaned are:

  • Production areas. Each production has its specifics, equipment, tools, and raw materials. Here it is essential to choose appropriate professional detergents that will not harm surfaces and mechanisms and ensure cleanliness and sterility. Cleaning activities are carried out strictly at certain hours to avoid disturbing the production process.
  • Shopping center and commercial premises. The business card of any shopping complex is an attractive exterior and comfortable inside, where cleanliness is a crucial factor. A large flow of visitors is accompanied by a constant need to wipe the floors.
  • Logistics complexes. A feature of such premises is the presence of various types of goods and their constant movement, which is accompanied by dust and rapid accumulation of dirt. Here, a clear cleaning schedule, professional cleaning products, and a quick response to spills or spills of stored goods are essential.

Up-to-date Equipment

We are a company that sets standards for cleaning USA. Hence, we are constantly updating ourselves with innovative equipment as soon as it lands off in the marketplace.

No corner left

All our industrial cleaning possess a keen eye when it comes to dust or stains. We are here to clean them all without any exceptions.

Quality-assured supplies

We are focused on leaving minimal impact on the environment around us as we clean yours. Our supplies are thus eco-friendly and 100% easy on your health.

Standard cleaning procedure

We stick to all necessary protocols regulated by global bodies like Safe Work Australia, OSHA, and CDC for an added remark of safety.

Types Of HiLo Post Construction Cleaning Services