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Facade painting or interior painting services are one of the most common ways to finish building facades. The image of the front allows you to update it, giving the building a well-groomed appearance in a relatively inexpensive, economical way. But in addition to the aesthetic component, painting the facade also allows you to solve the problem of protecting the walls of the building from the adverse effects of the environment, improve the performance of coatings and significantly increase the service life of the building.

The choice of means for painting the facade must be taken very seriously and competently. The quality and durability of the work is essential. As a rule, facades to be painted consist of concrete, plaster, or wood. These materials are very porous in their structure, allowing moisture to penetrate inside easily, which significantly accelerates the process of surface destruction. In addition, due to excess water on the face’s surface, a favorable environment is created for the infection of the walls of the building with diseases such as fungus, mold, and other microorganisms harmful to the walls. Painting the facade allows you to minimize this process. Correctly selected paints and varnishes for painting the face serve as waterproofing and prevent moisture from entering deep into the show.

Poorly chosen paint for painting the facade can negate all efforts to exalt and protect the walls from the adverse effects of the environment. The incompatibility of the old color with the new one can lead to unpleasant consequences, such as the peeling of the paint. That is why, before starting painting, it is necessary to conduct a thorough analysis of the facade and determine the properties of the facade coating, the level of contamination, and the composition of the paint used during previous work on painting the face.

Today, cleaning the facade of a building in Tennesee is a top-rated service. Many shopping, entertainment, and business centers in our state are located, which should look presentable.

Our company offers professional cleaning services for facades and windows of residential and public buildings.

The specialists of our cleaning company have extensive experience in painting facades. We will select the best paints and varnishes that are best suited for each specific case.

How we work during painting process

In our work, we use our washing and painting equipment, as well as technologies based on the use of high-altitude climbing equipment. Regardless of the requirements presented by the customer, we are guided by the five most important principles of work production technology:

  • new plaster should not change the structure of the wall
  • the conditions of moisture content in the wall must not change
  • removal of the old finishing layer is envisaged
  • architectural features such as texture, color, ornament, etc. must be preserved invariably for the future

The finishing procedure is completed by applying correctly (using a computer) selected paint. Lacquer coatings are chosen depending on the material that makes up the facade. So, for example, for painting concrete facades, alkali-resistant, weather-resistant paint is preferred. For wooden masks, waterproof and non-combustible paint coatings are needed, and faces made of metal are coated with paint with anti-corrosion and water-repellent properties.

Before starting work on painting facades, preparatory work is carried out, which consists of cleaning the surfaces to be treated, degreasing them, sealing impregnation, and repairing minor damage to the facade’s surface.

We work at any time convenient for you and try to consider all your wishes. If it is necessary to carry out work at height, for example, painting the facades of high-rise buildings, we offer the services of industrial climbers. Consider the quality of our facade painting work that will undoubtedly satisfy you, and our prices will pleasantly surprise you. To order washing of facades and stained glass windows, call and leave a request, after which an employee will come to you to assess the scope of work. Upon signing the contract, we will provide you with a detailed estimate.

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