Schools cleaning services in Tennessee

Cleaning schools in Tennessee is a responsible task best left to the professionals. The working atmosphere in the school depends on the cleanliness of the premises. It is unlikely that employees will be able to do their job well in dusty classrooms with dirty floors. 

Cleaning services vary depending on the specifics of the facility in which the work is performed. Comprehensive cleaning of the school is aimed at maintaining a constant order in the premises, taking into account the strict observance of sanitary and hygienic standards. Regular cleaning of high-traffic areas in the buildings of educational institutions requires special attention. The HiLo Commercial Services in Tennessee will help you meet these challenges by providing a high-quality cleaning service.

Activities that include cleaning schools are divided into daily and periodic. Wet cleaning of educational and technical premises, corridors, dressing rooms, flights of stairs, and bathrooms is carried out daily. Particular attention is paid to maintaining the cleanliness of all types of surfaces in dining rooms and sports halls. Services of a periodic nature include washing windows and entrance groups and cleaning the territory adjacent to the building.

The performance of several procedures, which include cleaning in schools and other specialized institutions, is regulated by the regulations “Professional cleaning services – cleaning services. General technical conditions”. An essential feature of maintaining cleanliness in higher educational institutions is the need to perform several cleaning works during the educational process, which requires an integrated approach to the organization of service personnel.

What is included in school cleaning services?

What is included in school cleaning services? The requirements for cleaning activities in colleges, institutes, and universities are similar to the conditions for cleaning office buildings. Among the principal works that provide cleaning in schools daily:

  • wet cleaning of floors with special equipment and manually;
  • removal of dust and dirt from furniture, lighting fixtures, office equipment, doors, interior elements, etc.;
  • cleaning of dirt using individually selected reagents for the respective surfaces;
  • wiping glass interior elements and mirrors;
  • washing and disinfection skirting boards, railings, door handles, and window sills;
  • complex cleaning of bathrooms;
  • removal of garbage from containers and baskets, and replacement of packages.


Additionally, by the established frequency, the facade of the building and glass structures are washed.

External cleaning services are provided if necessary, including cleaning the territory from debris, snow, fallen leaves, and waste disposal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does school cleaning cost?

The cost of cleaning services ordered by schools is set individually depending on the institution, the area of the facility, the frequency of holding and the list of activities performed, the requirements for maintenance personnel, and other features of a particular project. A detailed calculation can be obtained by contacting the HiLo Commercial Services manager.

How fast do you clean?

It depends on the area of the object and the type of cleaning.

What products do you use while cleaning?

We work with professional detergents that are harmless to health.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept non-cash and cash payment methods.

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