Warehouse racking removal or setup

Warehouse racking removal or setup services

The durability of the structure, the safety of the cargo (goods), and the safety of people working in the warehouse depend on the correct installation. The assembly of racks is a time-consuming process that requires knowledge of the technology of operations and experience, as well as the availability of professional tools to perform work at a high level. If you want to remove or install storage racks, contact HiLo professionals.

Our company has all the permits and licenses to perform assembly services at height. The quality of the assembly of racks can be checked by conducting control tests of the mounting system. Having completed the installation work, specialists diagnose the structure for the absence of marriage and various deviations.

In the case of installing multi-story racks, high-altitude work is carried out using the industrial mountaineering method. When reinstalling the structure to a new location, the frames are dismantled and installed, regardless of their manufacturer.

Process of rack removal and setup

Preliminarily, specialists assess the warehouse’s condition and suitability for installing structures of a particular type. The installation of racks in a warehouse begins with preparing a solid base (floor) and checking the structural elements of the stand – frames, traverses, lintels for shelves, shelves, clamps, etc. Then, with the help of high-class metal fasteners (high strength), the vertical frames are assembled, and the horizontal beams are installed with the alignment of the rows of the rack. The cost of mounting racks is determined by their design features, the length, height of frames and traverses (horizontal beams), the total area of the warehouse in which the structures are installed, the scope of work, and the urgency of order fulfillment.

An employee will visit the customer, free of charge, to inspect the warehouse, determine the number and type of racks, draw up a detailed cost estimate, and conclude an agreement on the provision of equipment installation services.

Many years of successful activity in the domestic service market contributed to developing a specific strategy to understand customers’ problems and strive to serve each client at a high level. Our company guarantees high-quality assembly of racks.

When you use HiLo, you will get a comprehensive service that includes your facility’s installation and assembly process. There will be no need to search for contractors and installation tools or try to figure out the fasteners and connection features of individual parts on your own.

When consumers are moving to another location, we quickly dismantle and assemble structures in a new place. We will significantly reduce the time of moving and will facilitate such a laborious procedure.

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Our benefits

Experienced team

There are no unsolvable tasks due to the experience of our employees, the availability of the necessary tools, and high-quality constructions.

Saving the equipment

Dismantling and installing metal racks in compliance with all the rules will allow you to use the equipment for a long time.

Affordable price

The price of assembly and installation of racks in the warehouse will be a pleasant surprise for buyers.

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