Audit and site vision preparation

Audit and site vision preparation services

HiLo Commercial Services has been developing dynamically in the cleaning services market since the very beginning of its activity. The company has become one of Tennessee’s leading cleaning, facility management, and recruitment operators.

In addition to the usual range of cleaning services, the company actively provides services for preparing your site or facilities for inspection.

The professionally organized structure of the company and highly qualified personnel allow us to provide high-quality services that meet the requirements of international standards.

HiLo Commercial Services trains employees in professional cleaning technologies and equipment operation rules and purchases consumables and chemicals.

Our workflow during audit services

We do this to ensure our cleaning is as close to your needs as possible, free of services you don’t need, and aesthetically pleasing. Our cooperation lasted not for one tender period but many years.

  1. First impression: acquaintance with the room where the check will take place.

We respond promptly to requests. Based on the client’s wishes and free time, we conduct a personal meeting or a detailed interview by phone.

We find out the leading “question”; we ask in detail the problems that the client wants to solve by ordering the services of a cleaning company. By the next meeting, which is usually scheduled in 1-2 days, we will submit an offer with approximate prices for the work organization at the specified facility.

  1. Departure to the place: inspection of the object, identification of the client’s needs. With the help of on-site questionnaires, we once again find out what the customer will receive from cleaning. We prescribe the requirements for subsequent analysis and fixation in terms of reference. Together we form a tariff plan for a specific object: we enter only those services the client needs. This helps to avoid excess and saves the client money.

Cleaning and related services can differ significantly in understanding the customer and the contractor. Therefore, it is necessary to describe each service in detail and ensure that we are talking about the same thing and understand each other correctly.

  1. Creation of a commercial offer

Our audit does not end with a site visit. We also analyze the future working conditions of staff and factors affecting service, check whether unnecessary operations and requirements can be eliminated and whether additional customer needs can be met.

Based on this and previously received information, we prepare several options for a commercial offer – so that the customer can choose what suits him.

The net area to be cleaned in square feet is the most accurate measurement because it only includes the places we will be cleaning. To estimate the net square footage, we must measure the interior areas minus the area of ​​the walls and the areas you will not be cleaning.

  1. Stabilization of work: attention to detail.

At the launch stage, we are attentive to any information received and used it in our work.

So, at the initial stage in the process of work, we always learn something about the object that we did not know before. This signals that changes must be made: correct documents and clarify customer requirements.

When, in our opinion, all the tasks of launching the project have been completed, we conduct an audit. It includes:

  • Quality control according to the service plan
  • Compliance of the level of cleaning with the internal standards of the facility
  • Dialogue with the client – what he thinks about the service

Even minimal flaws signal that the launch is incomplete and needs improvement.

  1. When the walkthrough is complete, we check our notes to ensure all your questions have been answered. Ensure you have all the contact information you need from your prospect to complete your offer. Following these site inspection procedures will give you all the information you need to prepare an accurate and thorough work.

Our benefits:

Deep customization

We find out and analyze each requirement of the client and offer several service options with a guaranteed high level of service.

Research of client needs

We build a contract service system based on updated information about the client and his requirements.

Comfort Services

Services for people, not real estate. The purpose of the services is to increase the satisfaction and comfort of the client's employees.

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