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Commercial Dusting - all heights services

Timely dusting surfaces is an essential part of cleaning services for manufacturing companies. Any production process is associated with the formation of dust. In a manufacturing or warehouse environment, dust can damage expensive equipment and damage finished products. During repair work, dust is entirely inevitable.

Dust removal is required not only on the floor and racks. Ceilings, walls, and space above false ceilings also need timely cleaning.

HiLo Commercial Services performs professional dedusting of surfaces and metal structures, including at height.

Dust is the enemy of technological processes and the people serving them. The dustiness of industrial premises contributes to the reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms, causes allergic reactions in personnel, and equipment malfunctions. In addition, accumulations of dust are a fire hazard. Therefore, dust removal in production and warehouses is one of the most critical tasks in organizing cleaning processes at an industrial enterprise.

Regularly cleaning ceiling structures and communication systems located at a height is especially important for food production. Scaffolding, an aerial platform is used, or industrial climbers-cleaners are involved – depending on the volume and complexity of the upcoming work.

How we do dusting at all heights

To deal with dust, HiLo Commercial Services specialists use several methods: manual dry or wet, an industrial vacuum cleaner, or a scrubber drier. The dry form of dust removal involves manual methods of dust removal, which are not particularly effective. Dust removal technology is selected for each object individually.

The vacuum dust removal method uses various models of industrial vacuum cleaners, including portable ones, and provides almost complete dust removal. It is indispensable when cleaning beams and load-bearing structures at high altitudes.

Surfaces are cleaned with water or detergent solutions. The wet cleaning method also involves manual processes and mechanized ones. In the latter case, scrubbers and washing vacuum cleaners are used. Dust cleaning in production and storage facilities should be carried out regularly for all surfaces: walls, floors, ceilings, load-bearing structures, and equipment.

A large amount of dust accumulates on the workshop ceiling structures, the high-quality cleaning of which can only be done by industrial mountaineering. Climbers use unique models of vacuum cleaners that allow you to remove dirt from any surface, including hard-to-reach ones, efficiently. After dedusting, wet cleaning can be additionally carried out.

We have solid experience in cleaning, thousands of meters of cleaned rooms, and hundreds of grateful customers. The accumulated experience allows us to perform work accurately, professionally, and promptly.

What types of dust removal do we offer?

Dust removal can be dry and wet (often, one type is complemented by another). In complex cases (with a large amount of dust), not only soft brushes and industrial vacuum cleaners are used, but also compressors (the vacuum cleaner removes dust, and the compressor blows its remnants out of cracks and other hard-to-reach places). As a rule, the process ends with wet cleaning and ventilation of the room. In the case of wet cleaning, we use detergents that are safe for people – their choice and concentration depend on the material of the ceiling covering. Cleaning the walls from dust is carried out similarly.

Our benefits:

Advanced equipment

To do dusting services, we use the best available equipment only. We strive to give you the best experience with our cleaning services.

Experienced team

Our experienced and trained team knows how to handle your dust cleaning requests at any height. We will be more than happy to help.

Affordable price

We care about every aspect of business, so our prices are affordable and fit any budget.