Escalator cleaning

Escalator cleaning services

Today, escalators can be seen not only in the subway but also in extensive shopping, shopping, and entertainment centers, such as moving stairs or stepless running walkways for the convenience of customers. Like a regular staircase, an escalator needs regular cleaning and cleaning. This task is quite tricky; the escalator is a mechanism with a complex design, and without special equipment, it will not be possible to remove pollution from hard-to-reach areas. Another point – escalators are classified as high-risk objects; only sufficiently qualified specialists with electrical safety approval can clean and maintain escalators. HiLo Commercial Services will provide you with all the services.

What does escalator cleaning include?

It is strictly forbidden to wash or clean the escalator with an ordinary mop and water;

The moving escalator belt can be cleaned in different ways:

Dry cleaning, removal of dust, sand with a vacuum cleaner, sweeper. It can be carried out as an independent cleaning (if the pollution is light) or as a preparation for a wet one;

Wet cleaning uses specialized chemicals without aggressive solvents and abrasives, with thickeners that prevent leakage. The solution, with the help of technology, is fed onto the escalator canvas;

Sequential-combined cleaning of the escalator, the most effective method, requires the use of specialized equipment. Because it is not the web that is wetted, but the brushes of the machine, the risk of leakage is excluded. The device operator is at the escalator’s base, and the canvas moves up from him.

In addition to cleaning the moving belt (steps), the escalator includes cleaning handrails and vertical enclosing surfaces made of glass and plastic. Dirt is also removed from the escalator platforms at the top and bottom.

The cleaning time depends on:

Method – if limited only to dry cleaning, it will take less time;

The functionality of the equipment – the most complex professional equipment allows you to clean both treads and steps (horizontal and vertical elements of the steps). It does not leave dead zones on the sides, closer to the balustrade aprons. The use of this technique allows you to reduce the time spent on cleaning the escalator;

A complete cleaning takes several hours so as not to cause inconvenience to visitors (passengers); the HiLo Commercial Services company can perform escalator cleaning work after the facility closes or before it opens.

HiLo Commercial Services does all kinds of escalator cleaning jobs in Tennessee. You can order daily maintenance and general cleaning from us, with deep cleaning of all elements. Our advantages:

  • Qualified personnel undergo special training and strictly observe safety precautions;
  • high-performance equipment with support for different cleaning modes and professional cleaning products designed specifically for cleaning escalators are used;
  • exact observance of terms, the schedule of rendering services;
  • the ability to fulfill urgent orders;
  • democratic prices, flexible pricing policy.

To order cleaning of escalators, call us or leave a request through the form on the website.

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