Trash collection

Trash collection service in Tennessee

HiLo Commercial Services owns a sufficient amount of waste disposal equipment. Our specialists have skills in professional assembly, packaging, and waste disposal. We know where domestic and industrial waste can be legally dumped, so our customers will no longer have to deal with these issues.

The trash collection service includes:

  • garbage collection (collection, sorting, and packaging of waste at the facility);
  • loading of building debris by loaders, and, if necessary, with the help of special equipment;
  • transportation of garbage outside the city to a landfill;
  • unloading cars;

Before sending special equipment to the site, a company manager will arrive at the address specified by the customer to assess the amount and type of construction waste, determine the level of its toxicity and other factors affecting the method of disposal, and also decide what equipment and how much is needed for the immediate cleanup of the area. And already in the work process, the loaders will sort and pack the garbage into bags, then take it to the appropriate places for processing.

For garbage disposal, the company needs overall machines, strong, experienced movers, and permits. Without them, problems with the law may arise for both the carrier and the owner of the facility from which the rubbish is removed. We have everything you need for calm work in the legal field.

Our workflow for trash collection service

This may be a one-time event associated with construction or repair work on the premises. In this case, it is very advantageous to order the services of a loader who will take out all the building elements and household waste and load it into the car. As part of the cooperation between the customer and the contractor, an agreement is concluded based on the service performed.

In addition, you can conclude a contract for the systematic removal of the garbage. Terms, frequency, and price for garbage collection are individual parameters discussed when communicating with a specialized company.

Regular cleaning of the territory guarantees freshness, aesthetic appeal, and care for the environment. By entrusting garbage collection to specialists, you help preserve and increase the setting. Also, the service will help save time because, subsequently, you will not need to deal with the transportation of waste yourself.

Affordable and profitable trash collection services

Because garbage is removed only to landfills permitted by law, after the completion of the contract, we provide a complete set of reporting documents; we carry out removal even on weekends, and the garbage removal plan is agreed directly with the customer. Within the framework of cooperation, we provide a full range of services related to cleaning the territory:

  • General cleaning
  • Periodic maintenance of cleanliness in the region
  • Garbage removal from the site
  • Trash collection from plants and industrial facilities

The company’s arsenal includes experienced loaders, cleaning specialists, cleaning products and inventory, and special equipment for transporting cargo. If you want the garbage collection and cleaning of the territory to be carried out efficiently, regularly, and inexpensively, call HiLo Commercial Services!

Our benefits

Individual approach

We are ready not only for regular cooperation but also for solo trips. Call us, and our team will do the job as quickly as possible.

We work in 10 states!

Loaders work quickly and smoothly, so very soon, you can start comfortable work again. We are ready to come anywhere in Tennessee and surrounding states.

Affordable price

The price of services is determined individually. It depends on the volume and regularity of work, the amount of waste removed, and many other factors.