Sanitation/Sanitizing services in Tennessee

Sanitation is a step up from regular cleaning. It is produced using cleaning chemicals that actively fight many bacteria and germs. This method is not as aggressive as disinfection and is often suitable for food preparation areas or facilities associated with cooking or eating. HiLo Commercial Services pays attention to chemicals that meet the required standards and consistently follow instructions to ensure optimal sanitization efficiency.

People – employees or customers visit industrial plants every day. Even if all visitors or employees of the enterprise carefully wipe their shoes at the entrance, there is still some street dust on their boots and snow in winter. Therefore, the floor covering of the premises is regularly polluted. Since dirt is a carrier of microbes, it must be disposed of promptly, that is, sanitary cleaning of the premises.

Powerful sanitizing services

Sanitizing is a more powerful decontamination method than cleaning because it kills germs rather than reduces them to a safe level. Because disinfectants can kill pathogens, this method should be used for high-traffic areas with high germ-carrying potential or during epidemics. Pay attention to such sites: contact surfaces, sanitary bathrooms, railings, doorknobs, or shared tables/tabletops. Depending on your decontamination needs, there are three different classes of disinfectants: household disinfectants, professional disinfectants, and – the strongest – healthcare disinfectants.

Sanitizing services for any industry

HiLo Commercial Services can provide sanitation or sanitizing services for offices, industrial facilities, schools, and restaurants anywhere in Tennessee. Our highly trained team will tailor their approach to suit your space and needs, providing you with the level of cleaning best suited to your individual needs.

Cleaning Hilo’s activities aim to destroy and prevent the appearance and spread of bacteria, fungi, and viruses on objects. Disinfection during the sanitary cleaning of offices is carried out only with preparations approved by the clean and epidemiological control body – non-toxic and safe for people and animals.

The more people visit any room, the faster it gets dirty – therefore, the more often it needs to be cleaned. You often need to clean commercial premises trampled daily by dozens, and sometimes hundreds of people. Sanitary cleaning will eliminate the slightest chance of the spread of viruses.

For such work to be carried out efficiently, thoroughly, and promptly, it is better to entrust the sanitary cleaning of premises to professional cleaners – employees of the HiLo Commercial Services company.

If you have any questions regarding our services, contact our team today – we will be happy to help everyone!

Our benefits:

Advanced equipment

We use advanced technologies and the latest disinfectants that do not contain chlorine, which is dangerous to human health, from advanced manufacturers.

Quality guaranteed

To improve the sanitation service quality, we continuously monitor the market, analyze the work performed, and look for solutions when non-standard situations arise.

Individual approach

The choice of disinfection method depends on the conditions and specifics of the object. The state of the premises and the building in general also affects the frequency of disinfection.