Warehouse cleaning

Warehouse cleaning services

Cleanliness in warehouses is an essential factor in any business, which determines the safe storage of products, especially when it comes to food, helps to organize the production process competently, ensuring fast shipment/loading and creating a comfortable environment for the staff to work. In addition, by maintaining cleanliness daily, business owners do not have to worry about the risk of problems with inspection bodies.

Warehouse care helps not only to keep clean but also to provide the necessary conditions for storing products. We can help you clean any size space. Specialists will take all the required equipment, detergents, and inventory to cope with pollution.

Experienced team of Warehouse cleaning

Warehouse cleaning requires special training and the use of various equipment and tools with which you can reach the most secluded corners. The peculiarity of such premises is in a large area, high ceilings, and the presence of a large number of racks with various goods. Another specific feature of cleaning a logistics warehouse is the presence of many people and the constant movement of equipment involved in shipment and delivery, significantly reducing the time between cleanings.

Solving the daily issue of cleaning warehouses by your own company is not the best solution. Firstly, it will be necessary to keep a certain number of people on staff. Secondly, they must be provided with a sufficiently large arsenal of the means needed for work – machinery, tools, and equipment. Thirdly, it is also essential to have the time and resources to monitor work constantly.

Therefore, the best alternative is to entrust the task to a professional HiLo Commercial Services.

How we clean warehouses in Tennessee

As a rule, warehouses are partially open areas where equipment and people constantly travel. Surfaces are heavily soiled and require thorough cleaning regularly;

Cleaning activities should not interfere with the operation of the warehouse. It is one of the indicators of the quality of our services. We always discuss with the management the optimal cleaning schedules;

Pests often start up in a warehouse, especially a grocery one. Then additional derivatization and disinsection are carried out.

We are ready to perform daily and general cleaning with a specific frequency. Most often, general cleaning is carried out twice a year. Still, there are no particular standards and rules: it all depends on the characteristics of the products stored in the warehouse, the traffic area of the warehouse, and the time of year.

We have all the necessary resources to provide warehouse cleaning services:

  • the staff of qualified specialists;
  • necessary professional equipment, cleaning equipment (washing vacuum cleaners, floor polishing machines, etc.);
  • chemistry only from leading manufacturers: (all chemicals comply with the Unified Sanitary-Epidemiological and Hygienic Requirements);
  • We have extensive experience working with objects of various levels of complexity;

Our benefits:

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Professional equipment

We use robust and modern equipment during the general and current cleaning of the warehouse, guided by the current standards.