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Washing the restroom is an activity that no one arouses either enthusiasm or pleasure. However, without performing this procedure, one cannot be sure of the cleanliness and safety for health in the visited room. Indeed, without proper care, the toilet room can become a breeding ground for harmful microbes, pathogenic bacteria, and a source of unpleasant odor.

Cleaning and disinfection in the restroom should be regular. There is a restroom in every modern commercial building. In addition, an unpleasant smell and sewage can spoil even the most beautiful interior. Our experts are ready to help you with cleaning and disinfection of toilets. Our cleaning will take care of the regular disinfection of restrooms.

What we include in restroom cleaning

HiLo Commercial Services offers a high-quality cleaning of toilet rooms and their subsequent disinfection. What is included in the toilet cleaning package:

  • elimination of dust and cobwebs from ceilings and walls;
  • washing of ceilings and walls;
  • wiping lighting fixtures;
  • tile cleaning;
  • rubbing and polishing mirror surfaces;
  • polishing of metal surfaces;
  • cleaning the elements of the tank and the toilet bowl (inside and outside);
  • cleaning trash bins;
  • dry cleaning of floor coverings;
  • disinfection of hard surfaces.

What do we pay attention to when sanitizing the restroom?

First of all, cleaners wash and disinfect plumbing, faucets, and tiles. Be sure to remove all dust from the surfaces of racks and shelves and remove the cobwebs under the ceiling and in hard-to-reach places. Cleaning ventilation is the most complex and vital place because, without it, the air circulation in the room is disturbed, which means the risk of fungus increases.

How long does it take to clean up?

Putting things in order can take several hours, whether the area is large or small.

How much does our service cost?

The price is determined by the room’s size, the pollution level, and the type of wall and floor coverings.If you prefer to skip the unpleasant process of cleaning the toilet, contact our company’s professional cleaners.

Features of restroom cleaning/sanitizing

Cleaning in the bathrooms is regulated by clear sanitary regulations. It should be carried out in places of high traffic every three hours, in common areas – twice a day. Such cleaning is difficult – you need to wash the floor and ceramics. However, bathrooms get dirty quickly, and constant cleaning exhausts a person. Even if your bathrooms are a whole network (an example of toilets located in every corner of the city), we are ready to pick up a team to clean the toilets regularly.

The specialists of our cleaning company use special disinfectants that deprive germs of even the slightest chance. We will select workers who will carry out regular cleaning and will not allow problems with the sanitary services. Contact us – we will help you clean even the dirtiest place without leaving even a trace of problems.

Our benefits:

  • Professional Team

    Restroom Cleaning / Sanitizing is performed by professional cleaners - specialists trained to work with different types of cleaning equipment, detergents, and inventory.

  • Excellent quality

    After performing our work, the toilet room will become clean and fresh. We provide a guarantee that the cleaning will be qualitative.

  • Working in and outside Tennessee

    HiLo Commercial Services consistently delivers excellent results to our customers in Tennessee and surrounding states as we continually improve ourselves.

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